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Our energy system and Qi

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Humans, as well as all living beings, have complex energy systems flowing through them. We constantly exchange energy with the external environment that we are living in. We also produce, consume and balance energy internally. Therefore, it is essential to study our energy system to understand how our body works. Unfortunately, our current medical science has discovered very limited knowledge of our body's energy system. Our knowledge of biochemistry and physiology barely made scratches in the field of how our body's energy system works. There are several forms of energy that are related to medicine. This article will discuss and define stored energy, external energy, internal energy, and life energy.

The stored energy is a group of atoms or molecules such as oxygen, air, food, virus, etc. The stored energy has its shape and structure, and because these energy forms are lifeless, we commonly refer to them as " the matter." The matter is lifeless but has energy stored between the atoms, and some of the matters, typically known as organic matters, may interact with our body's energy system.

We can define the energy that is immediately outside of our body as external energy. Unlike stored energy, external energy typically has no describable shape. It is the energy that fills our atmosphere, and it is the energy that is immediately outside of our body and that contacts our bare skin. Energies such as cold, hot, summer heat, dryness, dampness, and wind are examples of external energy types. As the external energy is constantly in contact with our body's energy system, it easily influences and exchanges energy with our body's energy system. Throughout human history, we developed many devices to help us to protect our energy system. For example, we invented clothing to insolate the external energy from contacting our skin directly so that it reduces the effects of the external energy on our body. In addition, heating and air conditioning systems are the energy systems that we invented to protect us from the fluctuations of the natural external atmosphere energy systems.

Inside our body, we have complex and active energy systems called internal energies or life energy. Although it is rarely measured, we can all feel the existence of the internal energies. For example, we brink of our eyes, smile or even think, all require internal energy. It is also called "Qi" in Chinese medicine. Our body's biochemistry system produces internal energy. These energies support our life activities and these energies also seek the balance between organs, tissues, and cells. The internal energies also produce our thoughts and form the activities of our mind, even our spirit. The word "emotion" simply describes the "energy in motion."

Life energy is a group of interactive energy systems that supports living beings throughout their entire lives. As a form of stored energy, DNA guides living beings through their life development, before and after their birth. Life energy constantly exchanges and balance itself in organ, tissue, and cell levels. In addition, an individual's life energy is continuously influenced and seeking balance with external energy.

Acupuncture is a medical technique that induces the body's internal energy balance from an external source. The puncture of the patient's skin effectively produces the connection of internal energy with external energy. The placing needle at the meridian points is like sticking an antenna onto a receiving object and transferring the necessary energy from an external energy system to aid the balance of the patient's internal energy system.

However, the puncture of the skin is not the only way that offers the treatment effects in acupuncture. When the practitioner has a good intention, the internal energy from the practitioner's thoughts can wirelessly connect to the patient's internal energy systems and cause the treatment effects. Unfortunately, because our medical science is still not advanced enough to explain these phenomena, many researchers categorize these unexplainable effects as the placebo effects.

All of the energies and their associated energy system are referred to as "Qi" by the Chinese ancestors. The Qi filled our entire natural atmosphere, the solar system, and the entire universe as a whole. We are thus, connected to the universe via this infinite large of energy system called "Qi."

The concept of the energy model revolutionized the substance or science model that is currently used by our medical science. However, the studies of substances such as tissue and bone are not sufficient to understand the principles of how the human body works at the energy level. Sadly, our modern medical science does not recognize the energy balance concept in the studies of physiology, pathology, etiology, and even phycology.

Although this article provided a new concept of energy balancing in the body, the exact pathway of energy interactions and transformation is still unknown. Hopefully, this article leads a new viewpoint for the researchers, both in Western and Eastern medicine, to continue the development of medical science for humankind.

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